Project Objectives

A | Develop a European Sport Coaching Framework that is responsive to the needs of coaches and the idiosyncrasies of international, national and sport specific contexts. This Framework will be aligned to EQF and the International Sport Coaching Framework, referenced against EQAVET reflecting the principles of ECVET.

B | Provide, through a careful process of data collection and analysis, a clear picture of the needs of sport coaches, coach developers (trainers of coaches) and a variety of organisations with a stake in their education, employment and mobility.

C | Identify examples of good practice at a global and European level in relation to systems and frameworks of education, employment and mobility of sports coaches.

D | Offer an accurate representation of the nature of the sport coaching workforce in the five participant countries in relation to its status (volunteer; part-time paid; full-time paid), domain (children; participation; emerging athletes; high performance athletes) and its role (coaching assistant; coach; senior coach; master coach).

E | Develop suitable guidance and practical tools to facilitate the adoption and implementation of recognised protocols and systems for Recognised Prior Learning and Work-Based Experience within European Union coach education stakeholders.

F | Produce tools to support member states and coaching stakeholders, evaluate their current coach education systems against clear reference points (European Sport Coaching Framework) and plan for the development of future, enhanced systems. This tool will also serve as a quality assurance instrument for relevant bodies and agencies.

CoachLearn: Enhancing sport coaches’ learning, mobility and employment within the context of a European Sport Coaching Framework’